- ROMANTIC HOTEL -

In the name of the romantic hotel Finca el Tossal hotel we would like to recommend three infallible plans so that your next romantic trip is just perfect.

                                                                       - DINNER -

In the romantic hotel Finca el Tossal we offer romantic packages for our culinary adventures, giving total freedom to be enjoyed on our terrace with incredible and romantic views over the mountains of Alicante.

                                                                    - MASSAGES -

Undoubtedly one of the most successful plans that we usually recommend at our romantic hotel are the massages that we offer either in the room or at any another of the relaxed places offered by our romantic hotel.

                                                                     - JACUZZI -

The romantic hotel Finca el Tossal offers an outdoor jacuzzi which is just aboutperfect for couples who want to enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset behind the mountains of Alicante.