- BOUTIQUE HOTEL ALICANTE -


When you are planning your next vacation at a boutique hotel you might be wondering what kind of activities there are around to enjoy even more your stay.

Here at Boutique hotel Finca el Tossal we would like to recommend three must do things inside and outside our boutique hotel.


Boutique hotel Finca El Tossal offers very relaxing massages by our professional masseur either directly at your room or if you prefer so at any of the relaxed locations around our boutique hotel. It has been proven that there is no better way to fully recover from the busy city life then a good relaxing massage.

                                                                                       Visiting Altea

Boutique hotel Finca el Tossal would highly recommend visiting the old town of Altea , we are located just about 20min away from Altea and we wouldn't think twice to recommend visiting Altea at least once in your stay at our boutique hotel. 

Altea has quite a bit to offer , apart from being recognised as one of the most beautiful towns around the entire area it will for sure suit your needs if you want to enjoy a meal with a beautiful sea view.

                                                                                    Outdoor jacuzzi 

Here at boutique hotel Finca el Tossal we are happy to announce that from now on we offer a beautiful outdoor jacuzzi with a stunning view over the mountains, we think that there is no better way to enjoy a sunset over the mountains then in a outdoor jacuzzi with a cocktail in hand.






                                             PLANS FOR YOUR NEXT RURAL ESCAPE

For lovers of nature, a good rural escape is a way of enjoying the environment to the maximum by means of beautiful and relaxing hiking trails, on behalf of Finca El Tossal we would like to recommend 3 beautiful routes to improve your next rural escape in our country retreat.

Hike on the "sleeping lion" from Polop (8km from our boutique hotel).

The first route that we would like to recommend for your next rural escape is a fun and simple circular walk starting from Polop and crowning the "sleeping lion" . Then returning again to the beginning on the other side of the massif.

This beautiful mountain receives the name of the “sleeping lion” deservedly because if we look at it from the bottom it resembles a “sleeping" lion. 

"Fuentes del Algar" - Route from our boutique hotel to the bottom of the “bandoleros”.

The second route that we would like to recommend for your next rural escape is a simple and nice route that can be started directly from our bed and breakfast, it is comfortable and well signposted path that brings us to the bottom and gives us access through the PAS DEL BANDOLER to BARRANCO DEL CURT, leaving open the option to give a refreshing touch to your rural escape with a swim in the natural springs of Algar. 

Dam of Guadalest (14km from our boutique hotel)

If the next rural escape you are planning is with the whole family this is your perfect route!

This simple circular route leaves from the dam of the marsh and surrounds it completely making of it a simple and perfect route so that your children can also enjoy your next rural escape.